DIY advent calendar

onsdag 2. desember 2015

I made this advent calendar from scratch! I almost can't believe how good it turned out! Definitely worth all the work. This would work as a wall organizer as well if you are not into the whole advent thing :D 

What you will need:

Two big pieces of fabric. One for the pockets and one for the "background".
I chose this awesome fabric that looks like christmas tree branches and a grey felt!
〔click here to purchase the: pocket fabric & felt fabric

iron on patches, decorative thread (did not end up using all the threads) and something to write your numbers on. I chose the stars that almost look like cardboard! 
noel heart , stars to write numbers on (could not find the exact ones) , gold stars , bakers twine (did not end up using this) gold thread (I'll get back to that later) , red thread〕

stiff interfacing for the back! You will also need a this interfacing for the pockets!

Now we can get to how to make it!

First you will need your pattern piece. This can be what ever size you prefer.

 find the size you would like your pocket to be. I wanted mine to be 12cm x 12cm.
 divide it by 2.      12 : 2 = 6
▻ add 6cm to both sides of your triangle
 add 1cm seam allowance at each side

Then you cut out 24 pocket pieces.

Fold down 1cm at the top and press

sew straight across. Here you can see I used gold thread on the top pocket and red for the one beneath. The gold thread flew everywhere and I had to rethread my needle a lot, so I decided to use red thread instead. 

Then you iron both sides inn 1cm then the bottom 1cm. do not sew.

Iron both sides into the center.

Fold both sides in half and press into place.

Pin it to your "background". One needle in the middle


and one needle on each fold!

Sew down the lines!

Then you just sew on your stars and iron on your patches !

And you are finally done!


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